The Many Uses Of Maxstick Adhesive Paper

by Kevin Brown
Maxstick Adhesive Paper Rolls

Have you ever considered using Maxstick Adhesive Receipt Paper Rolls?

Maxstick For Food Service...

MAXStick provides a fast and efficient method for QSR’s and Fast Casual restaurants looking to improve order accuracy, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. Whether its labeling made-to-order food items and beverages in the kitchen, or bag tagging to guarantee the customer gets their complete order, MAXStick offers a cost-effective labeling solution that is sure to save you time and money.

  • Checklist
  • Drive Thru / Take Away
  • Exception Orders
  • Made-to-Order
  • Mobile App Order Labels
  • Food Delivery Labels
  • Custom Beverages
  • Product ID
  • Catering
  • Product Freshness Dating
  • Nutritional Labeling
  • Weigh Scale
  • Mobile App Order Labels

Maxstick For Warehouse...

If you are looking to improve warehouse efficiency - MAXStick is perfect for shelf/rack labeling allowing for easy identification of products in the warehouse. Label Pick and Pack items along the way with barcodes that can easily be scanned, guaranteeing your customer gets the right items in the right amount of time.

  • Shipping
  • Print and Apply
  • Inventory
  • Shelf/Rack Labeling
  • Pick & Pack
  • Barcoding


Maxstick For Health Care...

Health care in all its forms requires the accuracy and reliability that MAXStick provides. Simply apply and remove MAXStick as needed to trays, charts, test tubes and diagnostic reports. MAXStick makes it easy to track dietary restrictions and nutrition information with one label.

  • Radiopharmaceutical Labeling
  • Dietary Labeling
  • Food Tray Labeling
  • Analyzer Print Results

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